Medical Assessments

Medical assessments for a whole range of needs, carried out by the Occupational Health Physician or the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

Assess Suitability

Initial Medical Assessments for New Starters

These reduce the risk of mismatching person to task, and demonstrate your compliance with legislation such as the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Disability Discrimination Act, Working Time Regulations and many others, including specific industry standards.

Baseline medical assessments and screening tests, eg. Audiometry, Spirometry and Vision Screening can be added when required under regulations.


Occupational Audiometry is a screening technique used to detect early damage to hearing resulting from exposure to noise. Identifying any damage allows for follow-up remedial action in the workplace and if necessary a medical referral.


After completing a general respiratory questionnaire, lung function tests are carried out using a Spirometer. Results are discussed with the employee and a summary report of the results will be forwarded to the employer. If any abnormalities are detected, a referral will be made to the company Medical Officer or the employee’s GP.

Vision Screening

In industry, a comprehensive screening programme can provide a general overview of employee’s visual disorders, detecting those where corrective action should be taken. Vision Screening Tests are a means of identifying individuals with defective vision who need a full eyesight test. Using the Keystone VS-II, we carry out fourteen tests of nine visual functions, not just visual acuity alone.

Hand Arm Vibration

Employees whose hands are regularly exposed to vibration may suffer from damage to the tissues of hands and arms, which causes the symptoms collectively known as HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome).

Possibly, up to 1 in 10 people who work regularly with vibrating tools may develop HAVS.

Under The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 an employer has a duty to assess vibration risks to health and safety. The employer must eliminate vibration risk at source, or reduce to the lowest reasonable practicable level and to provide information and training for employees on vibration risks and control measures.

medical assessments
night worker medical assessments

Night Worker Health Assessments

For proposed and/or current employees to identify any issues which may affect or preclude them from working at night.

lift truck medical assessments

Lift Truck Driver Medical Assessments

Medical assessments for employees that are responsible for operating moving vehicles in your workplace.

safety critical medical assessments

Medical Assessment for Safety Critical Workers

Medicals for Safety Critical Workers ie. Plant Operators, Crane Drivers etc.

food hygiene medical assessments

Food Hygiene Medical Assessments

A health assessment at pre-employment would determine a person’s suitability to be employed under the Food Hygiene Regulations and to make employees aware of the importance of observing good personal/food hygiene practices.

Lifestyle Medical Assessments

Life Style Medical Assessment

A private and confidential consultation between nurse and client to identify any possible health problems by carrying out Height/Weight Ratio, Body Mass Index, Cholesterol Check, Blood Pressure/Pulse Check and Urinalysis.

Advice will be given on Breast Awareness, Testicular Self-examination, Alcohol, Diet, Smoking and Exercise.

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