What is Occupational Health?

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The Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) Team consists of a number of specialist OH practitioners and experienced nurses whose aim is to support managers to achieve their statutory duties to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of people at work.

Occupational health has progressed a long way from the traditional factory nurse role where only treatment and first aid services were undertaken.  Occupational health nursing is not about duplicating the treatment services of a GP or hospital but involves the provision of a comprehensive number of services based on health risk assessment.

Below we have provided details and link to our core services as well as our responsibilities as an Occupational Health Service. Whether you need assessments, advice or education and training, our team can help you protect yourselves as employers and ensure your team are always looked after.

What We Offer

Our Core Services

Health Surveillance

Medical Assessments

Absence Management

First Aid Courses

Comprehensive Support

Occupational Health Responsibilities

Along with the provision of a flexible approach to the Occupational Health Advisors role to encompass an element of safety and welfare, it is our aim and responsibility to provide general health advice and assist you in the following areas of your business.

Advise Managers

Provide helpful and meaningful advice to assist managers with their responsibilities on occupational health and health issues such as fitness and capability to work properly.

Health Assessments

Done to provide recommendations regarding an employee’s suitability for work. This enables the employer to consider the required skills and health in relation to risks and demands.

Implement Equality

Aid in adhering to the Equality Act 2010, which requires the employer to focus on the capability of a person and to enable them to consider and introduce adjustments into the workplace in the long term.

Health Surveillance

Introduce surveillance and monitoring for risks to health identified by risk assessments. We also implement any subsequent periodic health surveillance relevant to risks in the workplace and employee health.

Manage Absence

Support with managing attendance; early intervention by an Occupational Health Advisor to facilitate early return to work; support during sickness absence, rehabilitation and resettlement.

Develop Policies

Assistance with the development of occupational health; health & safety policies and procedures and the evaluation of these in relation to the business objectives. Provide written reports and statistical data on health initiatives.

Educate Employees

Design and provision of focused health promotion and education for employees, e.g. skin care, manual handling, prevention of noise induced hearing loss, etc.

First Aid Training

Support for the injured employee by ensuring adequate first aid provision and to provide professional support to First Aiders.

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